Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top Ten Countdown

Time for a summer re-cap for the Miller Memo! As a special bonus, I'll even include a sneak peak at fall so far. This might take forever so leave me a comment or I may never blog again. Just kidding. But seriously... Let the countdown begin! {drumroll}

#10 Summer Weddings
...Am I the only one out there who feels like there was at least one wedding to attend every weekend this summer? I guess it's that time in our lives. We had a lot of fun seeing a lot of our good friends tie the knot.

Phil and Angela's wedding

Me and Rae Rae at the temple

Jon and I at the Bountiful temple

Feeling the love

The boys on Phil's big day

Brock and Kenna's wedding

Mary and Shawn's wedding at the Salt Lake temple

The wedding party breaking it down

#9 I had a BIRTHDAY!
... More like a birth week...or weeks. I turned 22 this summer and sure had fun. A few days before my day, lovely LeeAnn Hyer came down and took me to dinner and we grabbed gelato. The next day the Miller clan met up in Salt Lake to celebrate at dinner.

My good friend/practically brother Brock Francis got married to the beautiful Kenna on my birthday so we spent most of the day with them. We went to Bountiful for their sealing that morning and it was beautiful. For their luncheon, they served Robintinos pizza. Anytime we go to a wedding now, Jon always talks about how awesome that luncheon was. That's a man for you--enough of the fancy little wedding food--just fill me up with something tasty! After we stuffed our faces with pizza, we turned around a few hours later just to go to the Mandarin in Bountiful with my family for Chinese. Don't worry, I saved room for treats at Brock's reception too. {Its a wonder I didn't gain 22 birthday pounds this week.}

On the way back to Provo, we stopped at Kevin and Michelle's place. They made me a cake. Did I mention the treat overload yet? When we returned home for the evening, Jon sent me on a scavenger hunt around our apartment complex ending with some fun new shirts and a massage/spa package. A couple days later, Kayla took me for frozen yogurt too. Trrrrreatss...

Me and LeeAnn enjoying gelato

Millers in Salt Lake

Me and Jonny at dinner

Dessert at the Mandarin..are you counting all the treats?

Cake with Michelle and Sweet Kev

This picture cracks me up

Chatting with Kayla

#8 Fourth of July in K-Town
...There is no 4th of July like a Kaysville one. You Davis Darts know what I'm sayin! After a fun parade of floats, the whole city breaks it down in an all-out city water fight. It just doesn't get better than this. Complete the day with a bbq, nap time, and a patriotic fireworks show and you're good to go.

Noah- my little buddy for the day

Kaysville Main Street

Loved spending the day with my sister

#7 Hangin with J&T
...Jared and Tonya were in town and I certainly wanted to take advantage of the time to hang out with them. After dinner at the Olive Garden, we girls tried to convince the boys to take us out for a night on the town. We settled for hanging out on Jon's parent's porch. Oh well-what can you do? Funny how we probably had just as much fun.

Our clever attempt to get everyone in the pic


Bein' sassy

Sneak attack

The cute couple

Just us

#6 The Next Food Network Star
...Our place was a hot spot every Sunday night this summer for the Next Food Network Star. Jon and I got really into the show last summer right after we got married and had to spread the word this time around. All the guys initially pretended that the idea of getting together to eat food and discuss the show at every commercial break was a dumb idea, but even they were converted after the first episode.

Food Network groupies

The Sunday night crew

#5 New Members Of The Fam
...Congratulations to Jared and Tonya. T {aka superwoman} carried and delivered a approximately 13 lb. baby! I can't remember exactly how big our little man was, but wow! We were so happy to share a few days with this little guy while they were in town. Also very excited about the news of our new niece-to-be. Big Congrats to Josh and Val.

Sweet "Little" Sam

Holding the bundle of joy

Loving our other nephews and niece

#4 SkyWest Lagoon Day
... When my dad mentioned his employee Lagoon Day, it took about two seconds to convince us. I haven't been to Lagoon for ages. It was a riot. Danielle brought her cute boyfriend Taylor Gurney and we had a blast. The last hour at the park, we sprinted from ride to ride to maximize our fun. Good times.

Love these guys


This is what happens when you line-jump

#3 Work
... Had another fun summer with Sugar Sweet Corn. I spent most of my days getting to know the construction workers and farm folk of good ol' Springville, Utah. It was a little creepy how many people knew me by name... I think that's probably a sign I've been at the little red wagon a bit too long. Nevertheless, I love it. Now thats the produce season is over, I am back to babysitting for these cute kiddos and now working as a TA for a couple classes at BYU.

Little man

Cute moment.

#2 Cougar Football
...You all know I love my Cougs. This year we were lucky enough to snag season tickets on Row One on the 40 yard line on the East side of the stands. We are loving it. We sit right behind the Defense and love to watch Logan and Eason getting the crowd pumped up. Sitting with the usual football crew {Nate, Briana, Phil, and Angela-we miss Todd and Jess} as well as Tyler and Paige. We also sold a set of tickets to a guy named Scott and his son Tanner who we already love.

Me and Cosmo

Rise and Shout

We need a picture with Paige!

Ty and Trace

Eason giving high fives after the game

#1 Witches Night Out @ Gardner Village
...This was a riot. Erica and I decided to get our girl on and go do some shopping! I wish I would have taken more photos of all the different versions of witch costumes up there. The place was so crowded! We got lucky and got there at the same time as Yvonne and Christina so we could mingle together and make fun of all the slutty witch costumes. Seriously ladies, this is an ALL WOMEN event. What's with all the cleavage? Sorry, I got sidetracked. Where was I? I ran into two beautiful ladies that I haven't seen for awhile and got to chat. My only sadness was that my attempts to meet up with Kimmy and Marley failed because it was so crowded. Still, between cheesy potato soup and the cackling emcees, I really just couldn't get enough of this night.

Me trying to be scurry

Me and Erica ready to cast some spells...and do some shopping!

Love these ladies!

I love Halloween

HAD to take a photo with this sign- its totally me!

Witchy Poo!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moment of Serenity

I'm grateful for the many moments in my life that my Heavenly Father takes away my grief, fear, and sorrow. When I humbly surrender myself to Him, He fills me with peace and blesses me beyond measure.

I think that this Serenity Prayer is simply beautiful.

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.

Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His will;

That I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with Him forever in the next.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All You Ladies Out There With Nice Hair...

We've been having a busy and fun summer!  One of these days I will write a post to display our awesomeness and adventures, but today is not that day.  For now, I love reading all of your posts and spend at least five minutes of my day wishing I was half as cool as all you awesome friends of mine in the blogging world.

For now, I'm just wondering...does anyone love their hair stylist?  I love the girl that does mine, but her schedule is a lot less flexible now that she just had a baby.  I'm looking for some good recommendations anywhere between Davis and Utah county....

Thanks ladies!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little Bit of Lately

It's been awhile. Where to start?
*I keep procrastinating this post for lack of new photos, but we're just gonna roll with it and steal some from other people (maybe even from you!)

First up, my trip to DC. At the last minute, I was invited to go out to DC with my current internship with The Institute for Research and Evaluation. The research for my internship primarily involves family and education issues. Since January, the main focus of my internship has been finding empirical evidence to support the efficacy of abstinence education health programs in public schools. I won't bore you with the details, but it has been a great experience to try to support a cause I really believe in--teen abstinence.

I attended a meeting at the Capitol on Obama's 100th Day in Office. It was definitely entertaining to be out in DC that day. Particularly, if you happened to be listening to conservative talk radio on your commute in to DC from Baltimore. It was a crack-up. On a less sarcastic note, meeting with the major abstinence education advocates from across the nation, networking, and lobbying to Congress members was a great way to bridge the gap between my experience in my political science major and my future hope of getting my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

For several reasons, it was also an incredibly frustrating experience. For example, I flew all the way out to DC only to find out that I could not be involved in one of the main meetings I had planned to attend, the schedule for meetings was constantly changing, and of course, I was always the last to know. Luckily, I was staying with this cute couple:

Thank goodness for pizza and gelato at the end of a day of meetings. Hanging out with Nate and Briana alleviated all my frustration pretty quickly. At the risk of hatemail from Nate, it was pretty cute to watch him flirt with Briana since Jon and I missed out on most of their dating days. I owe the Weirs big time for letting me crash at their place and we're so excited for them to move back to Provo.

Speaking of cute couples
, Phil and Angela are finally sealin the deal next month! They are adorable together and we are so excited for them. The guys batchelor partied last weekend and Jon had so much fun golfing, Diegoing, and man talking with Phil, Jess, Nate, Todd, Bruce, with a K, Shea, and probably some others that I can't think of right now. I really enjoyed finding a bridal shower gift for Angela and chatting with her and Rae Rae about how our men are the "boys who never grow up." Since Jon will likely be BFFs with these guys forever, I'm sure glad they've all made it a habit to marry such fabulous girls so far.

While we are on the note of wonderful women, the loveliest of lovelies, Ms. Hyer, took me to dinner the other night. Lucky me! She is choosing her debate officers right now so she asked me to come sit on her panel as an alumnus and help out. It was fun to think back on all my fun memories of debate and it made me a bit trunky for high school. Just a bit though. In all seriousness though, thank you Hyer for being such an amazing friend to me over the years. I loved our long overdue chat!

Oh, we also celebrated our first anniversary a few weeks ago. We made some plans and then broke them. We went to Chilis for lunch, checked into our room at the Hilton in SLC, and then sat down on the bed to map out the rest of the night. On the agenda: check out the pool/spa area for some mutual relaxation, walk around Salt Lake/Gateway, take "one year" photos outside the Salt Lake temple, have a romantic dinner at the Garden Restaurant at the Joseph Smith Memorial building... Well, this is so embarrassing. We got cuddled up on that dang bed--and we were out til 9 pm! There went all of our plans. Oh well, Plan B: share a rice bowl at Rumbi for dinner, eat a chocolate covered banana from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, sit in the hot tub with a bunch of drunks celebrating someone's wild 21st, and pass out watching a TV documentary on Will Smith. Wow, we are so lame! Jon got me new tennis shoes and I later gave him a bunch of skin care with tea tree oil. I guess practicality trumped sentiment this year. We did enjoy the day together.
Pic was from night before our anniversary--another fun celebration!
Congrats to Taylor and Meredith!
And thanks to Mike & Marci for the photo!

Me and Kimmy also finally got together for lunch at the Gateway. It was so fun to see Marley getting so big and cute and to chat with Kimmy. Love you girl!

Also a quick shout out to Dallas for getting engaged. We had a great time at their engagement party and really like Wendy! Dally, you done good!

Next weekend, Jon and I will be on a team for the American Cancer Association Relay For Life. We are excited to participate in an event to fight cancer, help with the fundraising, and honor cancer victims and survivors. The relay is next Friday night from 5 pm til 10 am because cancer never sleeps. If anyone feels inclined to make a donation to this cause, let me know. We are looking forward to it!

In other news, we are officially ADDICTED TO LOST. We started Season One a few weeks ago, and we are just about done with Season Two. Please tell me other people share in this awesome addiction?

Well, enough babbling for now. I've gotta run satisfy my sweet tooth.
For now, that's a little taste of lately.