Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Miller Time...

Last weekend, it was really fun to get together as girls for dinner while the guys were at Priesthood. My silly little sister didn't come at the last minute, but it was still fun to have dinner with Yvonne, Mary, Chris (and kids), and my mom. Highlight of the night for me was probably taking Bekah to the bathroom and hearing all about the fairies pictured on her pink panties...she's so dang cute.

Our brief but wonderful meeting over Conference weekend made me a bit heartsick for the other Millers all over the map though. Jon and I are so jealous of mom and dad right now because they are out in Memphis visiting Josh, Val, Noah, and Eli. We wish we were there. We are also extremely excited for Jared and Tonya’s big news and happiness in Chicago and miss them heaps too!

In honor of Miller Time, I'm finally going to post some of the fun pictures from Jared and Tonya's wedding. What a wonderful couple and a beautiful day!
(J and T, feel loved--your wedding day is making it on our blog before ours even does.)

Me and Jon playing with baby Eli at our group Family Evening with Tonya's family and friends

Isn't Eli so cute?

Me cuddling with two of my favorites

Above: The Many Millers- aren't J & T a good lookin couple?
Below: The Miller kids smile for the camera

Miller girls trying to stay dry

I'm so crazy about him

Jon and I on the Salt Lake temple grounds after the wedding

So me and Jon, Josh and Val, and Chris and Rob had a "kissing photo" contest
Needless to say, it was a pretty fun photo shoot (bless Yvonne's heart)
I'm pretty sure this picture took home the gold,
but let's be honest--I'm a little biased!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Get Your Head In The Game!

Ok, this is not good! It is only October and I am already having a difficult time staying focused with my school work. This is usually the time where I start motivating myself with stupid little rewards like telling myself "Celeste, if you finish that assignment, you can eat a handful of gummy bears" or "Just four more hours of reading and you can watch The Office."

Well, the Vice Presidential debate disabled that technique last week. (I really shouldn't complain about the debates, since I am a Political Science major...) The other problem with my usual methods is that I don't usually need these until at least November! Where did the savvy student in me run off to so quickly this semester?

I'm not sure, but I can tell you where I sure would love to be:
Warm weather + DisneyLand + the beach + Jon =

To honor my wishful thinking, I am finally going to post some pictures from that fun week. Any suggestions or comments on how you ward off your procrastination would be appreciated! Or, if you just want to sympathize with me and tell me what you do to procrastinate, that works too.