Tuesday, January 26, 2010

End Of My Blogging Hiatus

I've been having a battle lately with my inner procrastinator. You all know her well. She's one tough cookie. In an effort to combat my villain of procrastination, I mandated a self-imposed hiatus from blogging until I finish my capstone paper for graduation. I've been making a lot of progress on my paper, but today I decided it was time to rationalize my way back into the blog world. Here's my logic: If I'm gonna sit on the couch watching an episode of King of Queens, I might as well blog at the same time, right? So, without further delay, how 'bout another Top Ten Recap (Holiday Style).....

*Runner Up - We discovered a Shasta machine that produces a 20 ounce bottle of delicious carbonation for only 50 cents. Are we easily amused? YES! Does Tiki punch make my taste buds dance with glee every time? YES!

Photo Copyright Nate Weir 2009- we miss the Weirs

Like a kid on Christmas morning

#10 The Baby Day Expo - A few years ago, Jon's brother Josh created the Utah Baby Day Expo. Jon helped out this year and the event was a success. Josh was able to fly out from Memphis and Jon loved spending time with his bro. Unfortunately, I was camped out on the couch with the swine flu, but everybody else had a fun time!

Josh and Jon running the expo

#9 Halloween - I kicked off the festivities with a trip to Gardner Village for Witches Night Out (see last post). Then we went on the third annual Provo river trip with the Weirs. We were scared for our lives, but our captain was able to direct our vessel through the pirate-infested waters back to safety. We went late for the "private tour" and had the whole boat to ourselves and just one other couple (obviously on a first date). What awkward first date is complete without photo documentation? So I insisted they join in our pictures and we all had a good laugh. On Halloween, we took a bus tour of all the haunted locations in Salt Lake City with the Weirs and Williams. Needless to say, our storyteller was somewhat lackluster, but we still managed to chase down "Clem the ghost." That skirt-chaser. We completed the evening at Starbucks and my pumpkin frappuccino left me in a state of Halloween ecstasy.

Entering the Halloween cruise

Our mighty captain- a captivating poet

Sharing in the joy of the first date experience

Getting into the Halloween spirit

Cheap entertainment

Our visit to Provo's most festive yard

Jon looks forward to October all year long so he can tell Halloween jokes

Looking forward to the 4th annual Halloween cruise this year- you know you wanna come!

#8 Humor U and Tucanos Dinner - For BYU Homecoming week, we got together with some friends for a "married event." Only at BYU... We devoured the Brazilian meat and enjoyed the performances by the local improv group.

The cliche photo op

Our fun group- Hardy's, Us, Wadsworths & Weirs

Marcus and Erica

Me & Jonny

Adam & Aubrey

The whole crew

The girls

#7 ESPN College GameDay - College GameDay came to Provo so of course, we camped out in the rain! I was lucky enough to land myself a spot in the front row and a nice long cameo on ESPN. Jon was close behind too and loved the experience! We enjoyed the rest of the football season. Even though we're seriously missing our front row seats, we're excited it's basketball season.

Holding out strong in the early morning rain

Game day

At the front of the ESPN set

At the BYU Utah game

Our football "family"

The other half of our football group (above)
Paige and Ty (below)

We bleed blue

#6 Thanksgiving - We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We were able to spend a little time with both of our families and had some delicious food!

The Miller dinner

#5 Danielle's Birthday and Christmas Dance - My baby sister turned 17! I love you Danielle. It's so weird to me that she's that old. The Christmas dance at Davis was the night before her birthday and I went up and did her hair & makeup for the dance. She had a fun group and they made gingerbread houses at our place and we judged them.

On her birthday

Danielle's dance hair- she's in purple

#4 Christmas - We narrowly escaped this year's "Naughty List" and Santa was very good to us. We sure fooled him! We spent time with both of our families, but missed all of our Miller siblings a lot. We decorated our place a little more this year and it was fun to get into the festivities. Jon and I had never been to Temple Square together and we finally went with Brett and Mallory Snelgrove. I'm kinda kicking myself that we didn't take the traditional "temple square trip" photo, but I guess we'll have to wait til this next Christmas.

Christmas Eve at the Olsens

The original Olsen fam

Daddy's girls

The guys

At the Millers

Cuddling after Christmas

#3 New Years Eve - We had an amusing experience as the only sober people at Benihanas in SLC and rang in the new year with Brett and my SP. We watched a few minutes of Hitch, saw the ball drop on TV, and fell asleep on their couches a little after midnight. Obviously we are party animals.

#2 Jon's Birthday - Jon turned 25 on January 2nd. On the 1st, I planned a surprise open house and we had a lot of friends over to watch the Rose Bowl. On his birthday, we had a surprise lunch with our families. After that we headed up to Midway for a yummy Mexican dinner and enjoyed a fun bed & breakfast package at the Homestead. We had a lot of fun!

Jon sharing his birthday treat at Chilis

The family pic at Jon's birthday lunch

Jon getting spoiled up at the Homestead (above)
and me enjoying our cute little room (below)

Jon walking through the Crater at the Homestead

#1 A Night On The Town With The Jacksons - Great Dinner- Check. Great seats- Check. Great company- Check. I really wanted to get a Korver jersey to match Paige and we managed to snag a kids size on clearance. The 60% clearance outweighs my embarrassment that its a kids size :P
Paige & I were drooling over Korver the whole time. We even had our "shot" with him when we walked right by him at half time, but we both choked. We'll be ready next time....

Stopping for a pic at the end of dinner

Paige & Ty sportin' the Jazz gear

Jon, Me, Paige & Tyler
*Photo Courtesy of less-than enthused guy in row ahead of us,
obviously disgruntled that we interrupted him to take the pic*

Korver fan club

Well, thanks for not losing faith in the Miller Memo. My blogging hiatus has officially ended and we're back in business. Say goodbye to the days of the Top Ten posts and brace yourself for more regular updates!