Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pay It Forward

This is a fun trend that I'm sure everyone has seen going around.

Leave a comment anytime between now and April 23rd... {last day of finals! woooot!} I will randomly pick three people to be the winners of something awesome! The three winners will be the recipient of some act of service, craft, treat, or care package. Determination of prize will be somewhat contingent upon where you live, but hey--this will be fun. Alright, awesome.

***One little catch: if chosen, you have to PAY IT FORWARD too and offer a similar prize on your blog!

***Since I put the blog on private this week, I am extending the deadline to enter. And if no one else does I guess these guys will just get something reeeaaally good.

Sister Love

Danielle's spring break was last week and she came down and spent most of the week with me.  We had so much fun!  It was awesome having her around all of the time.  She'd only seen The Office once before, but I made her into a fan!  In honor of my best friend lil iss kiss, here is a random smorgasbord of sister moments: 

Love you little sister!