Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Cheeks Still Hurt

My dad took us to Brian Regan this week.
Pee your pants funny and it never gets old.

Jon, Me, Gurney & Dani after the show

The Olsen fam

Sista sista

Non-stop laughs

Thank you Brian Regan-
...for getting me through every high school break-up
...for changing the way I look at a Pop Tart
...for making everything even MORE funny at 3 a.m.
...for taking us away from the stress of being sick a lot lately, trying to graduate, buying a home, and moving!


JuStak said...

I didn't know He had a show here...
Next time i MUST go =)

Michelle said...

Oh, I would love to go to Brian Regan show! He is soooo funny! Glad you had fun!

Oh, and have fun on the 18th closing on your condo! How VERY exciting!!!

C and MC said...

Awesome. I love Jon's belly laughing pose.

e said...

Fun! Brian Regan is hilarious!

Also, I just love your hair. Very cute and way flattering.

Angie said...

What would we do without Brian Regan!? I am jealous you got to go! He is so funny, especially when you watch him. The facial expressions/body language make him ten times funnier.

Did he do a lot of new material?

Celeste Miller said...

Yeah Angie he actually had a ton of new material. I hadn't heard anything he did the entire show. He had a really funny part about parenting that cracked me up. He closed with a hilarious bit about text messaging. At the very end, he came back and did a little bit of his old material. It was fun.

yvonne said...

lucky you!! i love brian regan!! i'm so glad you got to go and forget all the other stuff you have going on right now....moving and finishing school is NEVER fun!

Candace and Allen said...

Celeste..first off I love your short hair! You are just so stinkin cute all around! And second off I am ridiculously jealous you went and saw BR - we went a couple years ago and I wanted to go this year, but it never time! And third off, I think we should go on a double sometime, it would be fun :)

Marce said...

Celeste! i'm dying to know all the deeets on your new move and your new house and your new jobs in some new chapter of your lives! so POST ABOUT IT! :) i know, i know, you're in the heat of finals and graduation..good luck with all of that. we love you guys and hope you're happy and well. hug to you both!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

SUch an adorable blog you got here!


Celeste! I love your blog! I just found it! You are so cute! I hope everything is going so great for you!

Whitney and Alex said...

Oh hey! Hope all is still well with you and Jon, sure do love you guys.

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